Hurricanes can be traumatizing for those who survive them.  They are devastating events and can destroy entire homes and business operations.  An insurance dispute attorney assists policyholders to recover benefits on insurance claims for hurricane and storm damage.  The Orlando based Woodward Law Firm counsels homeowners, business owners and condominium associations, and their representatives, in Central Florida and throughout the State of Florida with insurance claim disputes.  

After a hurricane or major windstorm, adjusters from all over the country descend upon Florida to work on the large volume of claims.  Out of state adjusters, and overworked in-state adjusters, cause many errors and are outright indifferent to claims. Oftentimes, these adjusters will resort to stalling and delay tactics to test your resolve and desire to pursue the claim after paying only a fraction of the amount owed on the claim.  This may result in the adjuster working to stall, delay and eventually denying payment your claim.

A Claim Delayed Is A Claim Denied.


Recently, we have received questions from homeowners and business owners who feel that the insurance company is stalling and delaying payment on their Hurricane Irma claim.  These policyholders are dismayed by the insurance company especially after they learn of their basic rights under the insurance policy and Florida’s claims handling laws.

For example, there is a law that requires the insurance company to complete its investigation within 90-days.  See Florida Statute § 627.70131(5)(a) (insurers are required to adjust, deny or pay all undisputed amounts within 90-days after being notified of a claim).  There are other laws which shorten the insurance company’s timeframe for completing its investigation and paying your claim too. So, if the insurance company has not completed its adjustment of your claim within 90-days, then get legal help immediately.


Do You Need an Insurance Dispute Attorney?


While it is necessary to file a claim with your insurance company in order to get the benefits you need to repair your home or business, it is also difficult to deal with a process that seemingly strives to give you as little money as possible.


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Hew Woodward is an experienced insurance dispute attorney that can help you with your insurance claims after a hurricane. The Woodward Law Firm is located in Orlando and we have the tools to help you get your claim paid by the insurance company.  If you are suffering after a hurricane and you require additional compensation to recover and repair the damage done to your home, business or automobile, then contact us at The Woodward Law Firm in Orlando. Call us or visit our website to learn more about our services.