As an insurance claim lawyer, Hew Woodward of The Woodward Law Firm in Orlando understands how frustrating hail damage to your car or house can be. Hail damage is not just an inconvenience but can seriously damage your property and reduce the useful life of property that is exposed to it.

Hail occurs when water droplets are pushed upwards into the colder atmosphere by strong updraft winds during severe thunderstorms. The water freezes into small ice stones, which continue to bounce around in the upper atmosphere adding layers of ice, until it is big and heavy enough to fall to the earth, damaging homes, cars, businesses, and crops.

Hail damage can be subtle and very difficult to identify. It can gouge and dislodge granules from roof shingles, which reduces the useful life of the roof system. Hail can also break glass and damage the protective layering sprayed on metal surfaces exposing the metal to rust and corrosion. Usually it is not until a body shop looks at your car, or a roofer inspects your roof, that you learn of the hail damage. For these reasons alone, hail damage claims are difficult to process with the insurance company, and it may become necessary to consult an attorney before your claim is denied. If you are looking for an insurance claim lawyer, contact us at The Woodward Law Firm today. You may also visit our website to see what other services we offer.

Hail Damage Insurance Claims.

Often, drivers will file claims with their insurance company after a hail storm to begin the repair process. However, there are frequently issues with their claims that will delay the process. It is important to be aware of what can cause these delays so that you are prepared.

One thing that you need to be aware of is that not all car insurance will cover hail damage. Typically, you will need to have purchased a specific type of car insurance called comprehensive coverage. This type of coverage will usually cover any damage that may result from a hail storm.

If you are struggling to file your claim, an insurance claim lawyer can be your number one resource. They are the ones that will give you all the tools you need to understand the claims process and figure out how to get the compensation that you need to repair your car. Because they are experts in dealing with insurance companies, they will be able to deal with things that you may not have faced before, such as denied claims and finding the proper documentation for your claim to be processed.

If you are looking for a Notary Public MISSISSAUGA , The Woodward Law Firm is here for you. We have experience with insurance claim cases, and we can ensure that your claim is processed accurately. We can also defend you in the event that the insurance company gives you issues with your claim.

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The Woodward Law Firm is an attorney located in Orlando, Florida that has ample experience in dealing with insurance claims. We understand the difficulty of getting a claim processed after a hail storm and we are here to help in any way that we can to get your claim accepted by your insurance company and get you the compensation that you deserve to fix your car. Contact us at The Woodward Law Firm to learn more.