FAQs and Public Adjusters

Answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

How Much Do I Pay In Attorneys Fees?


Most cases are accepted by The Woodward Law Firm on a contingency fee basis, this means that you pay no fees or costs unless we win or settle your case. Under Florida law, insurance companies are obligated to pay reasonable attorney fees and costs, separate from and in addition to the benefits paid on your claim, based upon Florida Statute § 627.428 (2017) which states: “(1) Upon the rendition of a judgment or decree by any of the courts of this state against an insurer and in favor of any named or omnibus insured or the named beneficiary under a policy or contract executed by the insurer, the trial court or, in the event of an appeal in which the insured or beneficiary prevails, the appellate court shall adjudge or decree against the insurer and in favor of the insured or beneficiary a reasonable sum as fees or compensation for the insured’s or beneficiary’s attorney prosecuting the suit in which the recovery is had.”

Why Should I Hire The Woodward Law Firm?
Hire The Woodward Law Firm because it is not a good idea to represent yourself against a well-funded insurance company that has professional adjusters, experts and/or attorneys protecting its own interests.  Hiring The Woodward Law Firm may also increase the amount an insurance company is willing to pay, because their risk of losing in court becomes greater when you have a qualified lawyer on your side.
How Long Has The Woodward Law Firm Been In Practice?
Hew Woodward graduated from the Fordham University School of Law in 2000.  Since then, he has successfully handled claims, from their inception through trials and appeals, to maximize recoveries against all major insurance companies.
How Many Insurance Cases Has The Woodward Law Firm Handled?
The Woodward Law Firm focuses almost exclusively on insurance claim litigation.  Hew Woodward has appeared in court on hundreds (if not thousands) of insurance-related issues throughout Florida, New York, New Jersey, and other states.
Does The Woodward Law Firm Have Trial Experience?
Yes, Hew Woodward is a trial lawyer.  Filing a lawsuit, or litigation, means that a trial is on the horizon; therefore, we will always work-up your case with the expectation of a jury trial.
When Should I Hire An Insurance Lawyer?
The Woodward Law Firm offers free initial consultations, so you should call us as early as possible in the claims process.  We are here to help you recover insurance benefits before and after a lawsuit is filed.

Public Insurance Adjusters

What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?


To those in the insurance industry, it is generally known that there are three types of adjusters.  There are Insurance Company Adjusters and Independent Adjusters who are employed by insurance companies to investigate insurance claims made by their policyholders, such as you.  These company adjusters often seek to protect the interests of their employers, insurance companies, by adjusting your loss so that the company pays a fraction of the total amount of money owed, or may completely deny coverage for your claim.

The third category of adjusters are Public Adjusters who are specifically trained and licensed to represent you, the policyholder.  ​A Public Adjuster must be licensed and bonded and often belongs to a trade organization such as, the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters or the American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, have agreed to adhere to a Code of Ethics, and are able to take advantage of the group’s resources and attend public adjuster specific continuing education programs.

The Woodward Law Firm has a great deal of experience with Public Adjusters so contact us if you need any help deciding which Public Adjuster to hire.


Why Should I Hire A Public Adjuster?


A knowledgeable and experienced Public Adjuster can help minimize the stress and time consuming difficulties of dealing with an insurance company, so that you can get back to your home life or business, while the claim is being adjusted.  This Public Adjuster understands your insurance policy and the insurance business, and the claims handling process, so they can work quickly to expedite payments to you on the claim.  This Public Adjuster also knows when legal counsel is necessary to complete the claim or to challenge the insurance company’s position in Court.

The Woodward Law Firm has a great deal of experience with Public Adjusters so contact us if you need any help deciding which Public Adjuster to hire.

How Much Do I Pay A Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters typically charge a percentage of any payments made by the insurance company on your claim, and there are no upfront fees for their services.  Percentages vary from adjuster to adjuster, so it is best to shop for a Public Adjuster that suits your needs.  In some cases, The Woodward Law Firm may be able to recover the fees that you paid to a Public Adjuster.

The Woodward Law Firm has a great deal of experience with Public Adjusters so contact us if you need any help deciding which Public Adjuster to hire.